The Secret Life of Daydreams

Rachel, 19, English undergrad.
Lover of the wild, joker of the heart


Weird dream I had last night

I was ten years younger sitting on a hillside when my yellow lab pup rested between my folded legs and I started to feed him strawberries. I never saw his tail wagging but somehow I knew it was, and I felt his nose like a faucet of cool water in summer. The meadows disappeared and the wood behind me was crumbling to the ground, uprooted by some out of frame force. My sister was canoeing in a far away lake, and I realized I now had a cell phone in my hand. The lab was gone. I screamed for my sister and once she appeared, albeit in sour spirit, I checked my phone and saw the same text message from over a year and a half ago. This time there was a reply: I can’t believe it’s true

I woke up and lit a candle to help your spirit see that I am okay. Thank you for the visit.

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